This difficulty arises for several reasons

Find your must haves and try changing places to write . You will see that you will be able to write in a way that you didn’t even think it was possible.Learn to write for the screen
write for the screen
Writing for print isn’t exactly like writing for the web.Reading on screen is in fact much more difficult than reading on paper , especially on devices with relatively small screens, such as that of a smartphone.

Write short sentences : subject, verb, complement

people on the web don’t read linearly like in a book but they scroll the pages looking for the information they are looking for. This strains the mind Armenia Phone Number List and prevents you from staying focused for long
computer backlighting also strains the eyes and tires the mind
when we scroll a text, the text doesn’t “rise to the top” as it might seem but in reality a new image is formed every time in a few thousandths of a second. This too tends to tire the reader.
Think now if we add a complex or difficult-to-read text to all this .

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There are therefore some small precautions that we must adopt to make it easier to read on the screen , such as:

Wrap thick , so you leave plenty of whitespace
Prefer active sentences to passive ones, the brain takes less to process them (for example: prefer I ate an apple over the apple was eaten by me )
Use only words that are easy to understand
Always review your texts.

Many also argue that it helps to eliminate adverbs and filler words

But I totally disagree. In fact, adverbs and SMS List filler words help give rhythm to the text and make an article closer to speech , increasing empathy and decreasing the distance between writer and reader.

The important thing is to always use them with knowledge of the facts and not to add extra text.

Create catchy headlines
write catchy headlines


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