This is the case for example of Amazon affiliations

Sponsor the products you prefer on your blog and you will receive a commission for each sale does affiliate marketing work
But there is also an opposite point of view: that of advertisers , ie you are the person with a product to sponsor and other marketers will promote it in exchange for a commission on sales.Affiliate marketing therefore allows you to get more sales simply by finding new affiliates. There are a number of platforms that allow you to do this, based on your niche.

Some of the most famous advertising platforms are for example

Tradedoubler .

Influencer marketing has also been Slovenia Phone Number List on the rise lately and has seen a sharp acceleration especially during the pandemic.

According to some statistics, more and more brands rely on influencers and micro-influencers who have managed to build a good following especially on social networks.

influencer marketing
But why is influencer marketing becoming so popular ?

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The statistics explain it well

70% of teenagers trust influencers more than traditional celebrities
49% of shoppers followed the advice of an influencer
influencer marketing is relatively cheaper and the ROI is higher (an estimated $6.50 per dollar spent)
74% of people believe the opinions they read on social media , especially from friends, family and – of course – the influencers they follow.
If you have a product or service to sell, then you should consider implementing relevant influencers in your niche as well to your digital marketing strategy.

But be careful: having many followers SMS List does not mean being influential . Followers can also be bought (but I advise you not to do it if you don’t want to kill all your marketing efforts).

In fact, what matters is the real involvement of people towards that influencer.

As far as Instagram is concerned, for example, I suggest you use tools like Not Just Analytics (the one that used to be Ninjalitics) which allows you to analyze the metrics of Instagram profiles starting from a simple username.

7. Online Advertising Strategy
Last but not least for your digital marketing strategy is advertising .


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