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Living a freelance life mainly means having the freedom to decide for yourself when, how, where and with whom to work.And in this article I wanted to bring my experience as a freelance starting from the phrases that I have heard repeated most often.If you are therefore undecided whether to become a freelancer or work as an employee , I am sure that this article will be able to give you new ideas and the point of view of a person who has been self-employed for a long time.

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What are we talking about in this article?
10 myths to dispel about the freelance life
1. Developing a business is a simple matter
2. A freelancer is always his own boss
3. A freelancer has a lot of free time
4. A freelancer has no social life
5. Freelancers make tons of money
6. Working from home is always great
7. Freelancers work in pajamas
8. You can only focus on your work
9. All freelancers work at the beach
10. Being a freelancer is lucky
Final thoughts

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Myths to dispel about the freelance life

Becoming a freelancer is not that difficult. In fact, you just need to open a VAT number and voilà, the game is done!

Or at least, that’s just the tip of the iceberg .

But the real work of the freelance is all that is hidden under the surface of the water: programming, scheduling, management, study and so on and so forth.

blogging icebergs
So let’s debunk – once and for all – the most common myths about freelance life and see what it really means to be independent workers.

1. Developing a business is a simple matter
When you decide to work as a SMS List freelancer or as a solopreneur and start a new business, such as creating an e-commerce or opening a blog , the beginnings are far from easy.

In fact, it is not enough to open a VAT number to ensure that customers start arriving or that your blog begins to register traffic.

It may even be that you don’t bill a single cent .

It’s a bit like when you have a small garden. You can’t expect to pick your vegetables the next day. First you have to prepare the land, sow, water and – if you did everything right – then you will see the first shoots appear.

Then there are businesses that flourish earlier and businesses that flourish later .



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