This means that if your audience loves your texts

This is why it’s important to create a linear structure that allows you to dissect a topic from start to finish.The best structure , both for the web and for readers, should follow a lineup that presents:A little introduction
The solution to the problem or question . Right away. Don’t keep the reader waiting.
The main information
More detailed information .
A possible conclusion .
inverted pyramid blogging
Look at this article: it doesn’t matter that you reach the end to find out what are the techniques to write better, you will immediately find the answer . Then, if you want to deepen the points, you can scroll the text to find increasingly detailed information.

And this is possible because before I started writing

Therefore, creating a structure helps you to rearrange your ideas and write following a logical thread and your reader to immediately find the information he is looking for.

However, creating a structure does not Algeria Phone Number List mean writing linearly . You can also mix up the writing process, writing the last chapter first, then the middle one, then going back to the penultimate one and then writing the first one.

This helps a lot to tidy up ideas and to unblock ourselves when we can’t write a paragraph (and I assure you it happens often!).

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But the final result will be an absolutely logical and linear text

Impara the SEO
writing from an SEO point of view
When it comes to writing on the web, writing better doesn’t mean doing it only for our readers but also for Google , which watches, observes and judges from above.

How anxious.

Remember when we talked earlier about SMS List the importance of knowing your reader ? Here you are.

Now think you have two readers:

your audience , made up of real people, with their interests, language and communication
Google , a machine, with other interests, another language and another communication.
Well. The difficulty of a web writer lies precisely in being able to write texts that are loved by both types of reader.

but they are not optimized for Google, they will not rank on search engines and nobody will read them.


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