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namely: Vocational School Students, College Students and General Vocational School Teachers and University Lecturers The scholarships that will be given to vocational school students, college students and the general public are: AWS Cloud Basics Learning Class and Class Building Cloud Architecture on AWS And the scholarships that will be given to Vocational School Teachers and University Lecturers are: Phase 0 (given after registration): AWS Cloud Basic Learning Class and JavaScript Programming Basic Learning Class Stage 1 (10 June 2021): Learning Class to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners and Class to Build Cloud Architecture on AWSips to Excel in Bangkit: Notes from Yuanita Intan Paramitasari, Best Graduate from Class 2020 Yuanita Intan Paramitasari is a Bangkit 2020 graduate. Her radiant personality shines through as she coaches Soft Skill Class in Bangkit this year. 

Time flies when she delivers a session

 Thanks to her burst of energy and enthusiasm. Highly-motivated instructors like Yuanita are really the pulse driving the Bangkit program. So, how does she manage to pull together and radiate this beam of positive energy to those around her? In commemoration of International Women’s Day, let us share her story and inspiration with you! Motivating Students is Her #1 Goal What brought Yuanita–one of best graduates– back to Bangkit, as a volunteer? Her love for Machine ws database Learning and her keenness to share it with others. “Coming from an accounting background, I find it challenging to study Machine Learning on my own. By joining Bangkit, I was exposed to great industry mentors, instructors, and distinguished experts. Bangkit enabled the best learning experience for me. It continues to shape my career today.Job-desk wise, developers in this field are responsible for providing needs that are invisible 

The role of the Back-End Developer

to web users, such as how data is stored, processed and transacted securely. Therefore, I want to share this Bangkit motivation and spirit with the class of 2021. To share and understand their hopes for technology and AI development in Indonesia.” (Yuanita) It is no surprise when reading Class 2021’s comments on Linkedin that you will find the following opinions: “She’s a great mentor. I’m so excited SMS List to listen to her session about personal branding, confidence, passion, and struggle to reach for your dreams.” (Zurriyata Fatni) “She has inspired and motivated me to achieve my goals.” (Rama Erwinda Putra) In the first week of Bangkit, Yuanita has dedicated 20 hours of teaching time for “Life Path” and “Digital Branding” subjects to 10 classrooms over Google Meet. One of her recipes to keep students engaged: Jamboard! One of Yuanita’s recipes to keep.

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