This way all the activities you plan will be organized

A great way to break down your tasks and goals into smaller tasks is to use mind maps . There are many apps that help you do this, such as:To this, I would advise you to include more than one list in the same diary, perhaps highlighted in a different colour, both to divide up the various projects you follow and also to add personal commitments and – why not? – anniversaries and birthdays.

The reason is simple

If you don’t have everything you need to do under control, you could overload yourself with work , find yourself with overlapping daily tasks and find yourself drowning in everything you still have to do. And punctually the deadlines go to fry.

If, on the other hand, you know that you have personal commitments that day , like the dentist, the gym or a simple aperitif, you also know that you will have less time available to work that day and you will therefore have to assign yourself fewer tasks or shorter tasks to close.

Set realistic tasks

A mistake that almost all freelancers – and Australia Phone Number List bloggers in particular – make when starting out is a real misjudgment of the time they need to complete a given task, especially when it comes to deciding how much time we need to write an article .

This is also because writing an article of, say, 1000 words doesn’t always take up the same amount of time . Sometimes it might take you an hour, sometimes 3.

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When planning your tasks, therefore, always keep these possible variations in mind , otherwise the risk that all the work will overlap is very high.

Also try to be realistic when preparing Sms List your work plan: insert 5 activities in the same day that require 3 hours each… well, you already know how it ends.

If you plan too many activities and don’t get them all done, you need to put them off for another day. This means reorganizing your schedule and reprioritizing everything, a job that is not only stressful but also counterproductive .


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