How to Create a Content Map Traditional Way

Content maps help make sure your content serves a strategic role in nurturing your audience. It’s one of the best ways to keep your content aligned with your business goals. I’ll cover two ways of creating content maps. The traditional way and the Ahrefs way. Both are tried and tested methods, but we like ours better—and I’ll explain why. Read on to learn both methods and choose the one that better suits your needs. The main reason for creating a content map is to make sure your brand’s content is accompanying each buyer persona throughout all stages of the marketing funnel—How to Create from attracting visitors to converting them and keeping them on board.

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Illustration of this concept. A few things to note: Some content may be specific to personas, others can be shared. Only consumers sold on the idea get to the executive data last stage, others can become brand fans (still open to your content) or become detractors (you still may win some of them later). Content marketing can help turn some customers into advocates. A buyer persona helps you visualize your customers’ buying journey, internalize who they are, and empathize with their challenges and goals. Depending on your resources, there are two ways you can identify your customers to create a buyer persona: The scientific way – Talk to potential customers.

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Social media followers, or simply people you know who may be interested in your product. You may also consider using services like SurveyMonkey, UserTesting, or SMS List Remesh to reach these people. The educated-guess way – If for some reason you can’t talk to real people at this stage, you need to get creative. How to Create Use your competitors’ data or the industry data and “enrich” it with other sources. You may find that, for example, organic search is the #1 spending priority, according to a CMO survey. To make your content mapping effective, you need to create a buyer persona for each type of customer.

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