Understanding search intent therefore makes

But our forecasts are not always accurate and many of our contents will therefore not be read by anyone , perhaps because they are not as interesting as we thought or perhaps because they do not rank well on Google and nobody finds them.So how do we know with almost absolute certainty which topics interest people in our niche and make predictions about their positioning on search engines?

Very simple: through keyword research

Through keyword research we can find not only the topics most searched for by our target but also all the related topics and keywords used by our competitors, a tactic that allows us to spy on – and consequently steal – their traffic .

In this way we will be able to attract a greater number of people interested in our content, consequently increasing traffic to our blog.

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3. Intercept users’ search intent
Intercept the search intent of users
Another aspect of fundamental importance when we want to increase blog traffic is to write our articles by intercepting the real search intent of users.

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But what is search intent

The search intent , also called Search Intent or User Intent , is the real reason why users perform a search on search engines. There are different search intents: looking for information, buying a product, reading reviews…

It easier to attract traffic , thereby increasing not only visitors to your blog but also their time spent and conversions on your website.

I’ll give you an example so you can understand why this aspect is so important.

Let’s say a person searches Google for “How to SMS List clean the washing machine”. What is your research intent? He’s probably looking for a guide or video tutorial that takes him step-by-step through cleaning his washing machine.

Imagine if you now found e-commerce sites selling washing machines as search results. Do you think that person will click something? Or will he buy a new washing machine?

I would say absolutely not.


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