Validity and effectiveness of contracts concluded electronically:

Validity and effectiveness of contracts. Concluded electronically: You are probably. Therefore,Familiar with the Law on Information Society .Therefore,Services and Electronic Commerce (in short, the. LSSI-CE. ht .Something like the Spanish Internet Law .Therefore, Many things are regulated in this standard. Including electronic contracting. Therefore,This rule gives full validity and effectiveness to .Contracts entered into .Electronically, when itTherefore, states that if these types of contracts .Meet all the necessary requirements for their validity (consent, object and cause).Therefore,They will .Produce all the effects provided for by. the legal system.

What is an electronic document?

An electronic document is nothing other than one that is written in.Therefore, Electronic format and that incorporates .Therefore,Data that is signed electronically (.Public documents signed electronically by top industry data officials of the. Administration – secretary of a City. Therefore,Council, Judge, Notary, etc. .Or private documents) . Therefore,It is indisputable. That the medium (a laptop, a pendrive, a .USB memory, a mobile phone.etc.On which the .Therefore,Eectronically signed data is .Found will be admissible as documentary. Evidence in .AA possible trial.

Well, with electronic documents, signed electronically

Something very similar happens .Therefore, If the authenticity of that recognized electronic signature is challenged, it will be verified that the certification service provider. Therefore,Which issues the electronic certificates, meets all. Therefore,The SMS List requirements established by law .Regarding the guarantee of the services it provides in. Verification of the. Effectiveness of the electronic signature.Therefore, and especially.The obligations to guarantee the .Confidentiality of the process, as well .As the authenticity, Therefore.Conservation and integrity. Of the information generated and the identity of the signatories.

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