We think we wrote crap but it’s actually a great text

In fact, there is a common preconception that pervades almost all people who are preparing for their first writing experiences, who mistakenly think that writing longer texts can make them appear more intelligent.No, wait, let me try again.Many people, when they start their first writing experiences, mistakenly think that writing longer texts can make them appear smarter.We’re not there yet. Let me make one last attempt.You don’t have to write a lot or use big words to sound smart.

Well, this is what I mean by filing the texts

Write your content, optimize it and eliminate everything superfluous to make your texts clearer and more flowing.

Ask for feedback
Ask for feedback
Very often, when we write, strange things Belarus Phone Number List happen:it seems to us that we have written a masterpiece (but in reality it sucks).
In practice, we fail to be objective about our texts , especially when it comes to content that is commissioned by customers.

So how can we understand if our contents are really well written? Very simple: asking for feedback.

But exclude friends, relatives and so on. They are often conditioned by the affection they feel for you and will not be able to give you truly objective judgments.

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In my experience, there are instead

categories of people who are particularly objective when it comes to expressing an opinion on our texts:

Our target audience . If you don’t stay long on our blog, you probably don’t like our content
Our customers . They pay you to write effective text and if it’s not, they’ll let you know
Other bloggers . They read each text critically. They will be able to give you good ideas
Google . If your article doesn’t rank, I have bad news for you.
Then write, ask for feedback and further SMS List optimize your texts . In this way you are sure that you will be able to write better and better, day after day.

Don’t be afraid to dare and explore new paths
explore new avenues
The last piece of advice I’d like to give you to learn to write better is not to be afraid to dare, to experiment with new techniques, to go outside the box .

Play with words, dabble in creative writing (we’ll see some exercises to do it in a moment), write absurd texts.


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