Well I just eat fish and chips I’m afraid

Well I just eat Ad sights that bring me back to reality.  wanted to replace his old watch. This reminded me to buy myself one. Josh picked one up for himself. It’s gorgeous. silvery. and radiant. I looked around and was almost fascinated by the person standing behind the glass of the cabinet. and asked for it from an employee. Excuse me. sir. he said to me. but we’re out of stock. and what’s in the cabinet is for display only. I looked again and saw that I had bought a similar watch. This is sold out I found another one. You can’t have that either. There is another one. Not that either. Come on. Adam. Josh shouted. come back another day.

We walked into a watch store where Josh

To make matters worse. I didn’t protest and Denmark Mobile Database followed . The staff at the store turned down every watch I wanted. He claimed some were out of stock. and some didn’t give any reason at all. It didn’t seem fair to offer him everything he wanted and to deny him everything. I looked up at the sky and found that the sun was hiding behind the clouds. and some days were already dark. Jack was starting to feel hungry. and he invited us to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We sat at a table in the corner of the room and a waitress came and took our order. I was the last to place an order. I’ll be like Josh. I said. nodding to Josh’s right.

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Josh and his friend out of the store

We are out of steaks. sorry. the waitress Sms List looked very sorry.  neither do we. I’m getting mad. so what have you got. Do we have sandwiches. the waitress replied. Ham or Cheese. Cheese is good. I muttered. The waitress took our order and left. Everyone seemed to get what they wanted today except me. just my trouble Not long after. our food came. Everyone loves their meals. mine are simple and just keep me full. I looked out the window and saw that it was starting to rain. Great. we’re going to get wet on the way home. I grumbled. what do you mean. asked Jack. It was pouring rain.

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