What is an affiliate program

If you want to start making money online, one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it is with Amazon affiliation .In fact, to make money with Amazon , you don’t need any specific skills and it is one of the easiest and most popular ways to monetize a blog .In this article I therefore want to tell you about Amazon Associates , i.e. the Amazon affiliate program . We will see together what it consists of, how to request to become an Amazon partner and how to then use our affiliate links to start making money with our blog.

Ready? Departure… go!

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What are we talking about in this article?
What is an affiliate program
How to make money with Amazon Affiliates
1. Join the affiliate program
2. Find the products you want to sponsor
3. Insert the affiliate link on the blog (and not only)
Monitor the results obtained
How much can you earn with Amazon Affiliates
The benefits of earning with Amazon Affiliates

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How to sell more with Amazon Affiliates

Final thoughts

One of the methods that are mostly used to make money with a blog or to create a new online business is undoubtedly affiliate marketing , which I also use a lot for all my projects, including this blog.

But what exactly are affiliations?

Very simple.

Let’s say you bought a product that you particularly liked. You are so enthusiastic that you tell your friends about it and they too decide to buy it.

Now think if the company that makes SMS List that product paid you a commission every time one of your friends buys a product you recommended.

This is exactly how affiliate marketing works .

How affiliate marketing works
There are many companies, in fact, that offer an affiliate program .

To earn your commissions you just need to sign up for the program and the company in question will provide you with a personalized link which is called an affiliate link or affiliate link.


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