What skills are needed to work online

I have worked with companies that boasted a turnover of a few million euros. But then, if you take a look at the balance sheets, they were in the red (almost) because the expenses far exceeded the revenues. But this they were careful not to sayThe best way to make good money on the web is to make your income scalable .Let me give you an example so that you know what I mean.Scalable revenue and non-scalable revenue
scalable and non-scalable revenue
Let’s imagine for a moment that you make money by following customers, managing their blog, social media or accounting, it doesn’t matter. Let’s say you have to get a job done and to do that, you need 10 hours of work for each client.

Also assuming that you want to work

hours a day every day, including weekends, it goes without saying that you can’t have more than 30/31 customers anyway.

So your earnings stop there . They may Cayman Islands Phone Number List be tall, it’s true, but you can’t physically work more than that amount per month. After all, even your days are 24 hours long and come on, you also want to sleep, eat and have a social life, right?

So that’s what is meant by non-scalability .

If you want to make a job scalable, and consequently make your income scalable, you need to make money regardless of the hours you work .

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For this, for example, with a blog you can get interesting earnings. If you earn for example through affiliations or advertising, the earnings are no longer tied to your working hours .

Potentially write an article and that article will work for you forever. Your articles will become a bit like your employees .

Passive earnings are therefore potentially unlimited

Obviously, the blog is not the only possibility to create a scalable income but it is certainly one of the most profitable methods that exist.

So, should one focus on making passive income or active income ? There is no right and wrong answer. It depends on you, your ambitions and the SMS List results you want to achieve.skills to work online
Again, there is no single answer. It would be like trying to answer the question: “What skills do you need to work offline?”

It goes without saying that the answer depends on the job you want to do .

For example, if you want to become an established YouTuber, it is obvious that you will need to have different. Skills than a person who manages the accounts of a company. And yes, both are jobs that can be done online.


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