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Website Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a page and leave it without taking any further action (for example. navigating to another page or clicking a link). You might be a little confused. For example. if a visitor lands on a blog page. reads a post. and then leaves. that counts as a bounce. It is also the egress of the page. So all rallies are exits. but not all exits are rallies. Recommended Blogging. What’s a Good CTR. Bounce rate is calculated as follows. Bounce rate for all sessions that start and end on one page All sessions that start on one page and go to more pages Let’s look at another example showing how exit rate and bounce rate differ.

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Day. Homepage Category Page Product Page Exit Day .  Page Home Product Page Exit Day. Category Page Exit Day . Category Page Product Page Home Exit What’s a Good Exit Rate. Home Page. (Includes Home Page. Exit Home Page) Category Page. (Contains Category Page. Exit Category Page) Product Page. (Session Contains Product Page. Session Exits Product Page) What is a good bounce rate. Homepage. (page days from home page. but not Armenia Mobile Database a single page session) Category Page. (session started from category page. one of which resulted in a bounce) Product Page. (session started from product page. resulting in a bounce) Featured Blog.

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Is it really worth it to advertise on Google. What Sms List is a good exit rate lower numbers are better. However. the so-called goodness is completely relative. For example. a site with only two pages may have a higher exit rate than a site with only one page. Generally speaking. you should set your exit rate between approx. However. it also depends on the page in question. A high exit rate on a thank you page is to be expected. while a high exit rate on a home page might be cause for concern. Another example could be.

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