When I saw friends of friends of friends

Vague to me. so naked. Do we have the right to be abused for being abused. Do we have the right to bully because we are bullied. Discussing Other People’s Mental Health About a year ago. I met friends of friends of friends and got along really well with them at first. I admit.  was warned about certain behaviors. but I found this person interesting and relatable. so I followed my judgment. The next time I saw them. they did something that I just couldn’t get over. They discuss other people’s mental health issues in a joking. mocking way.

Responsibility for our mental health

In front of themselves and their friends. but Ecuador Mobile Database changing the subject didn’t seem to help either. They made several comments throughout the evening that had me gnashing my teeth. I was ashamed afterwards. didn’t react.  didn’t do anything. didn’t say anything. I did not stand up for someone who was lit in front of friends and acquaintances. i don’t even know this guy well But I’ve been through this before. and it was horrible.  blogged about it later and said that as friends we all have to have zero tolerance for other friends who blatantly and publicly bully our friends over something so personal. This is not a joke or funny.

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I felt very uncomfortable

You are continuing the cycle of shame and Sms List silence. of friends again. they all avoided me with unhappy faces and whispered about me in other people’s ears. I laughed at the time. which didn’t bother me because they didn’t know me. and to be honest. I’m glad I didn’t have to pretend to like them. What gives us rights. Recently. this man was mentioned in a conversation with another man. and after hearing that the man was clearly a saint. I couldn’t help it. After telling them about it. I was told. but you don’t know what they went through. This makes me a little sad. Do we have the right to be abused for being abused. Do we have the right to bully because we are bullied. Years ago when I was.

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