When this professional starts a business

This is smart entrepreneurship. , it’s much easier for him to get paying clients than someone who starts a business without a single sample of work. I have done the same In the beginning, I have given my own e-books and online courses really cheaply and even for free, so that I have received feedback and development ideas from them. ​​I have received testimonials that prove that I know what I am doing. I do not feel that I am being taken advantage of or taken advantage of by these individuals who have received my product for free. , say, India, like Tim Ferris did? An Indian virtual assistant works for an entrepreneur for $5 an hour, who can spend the free time sitting under a palm tree or taking a child to psychotherapy. Is using a virtual assistant exploitation? I don’t think so, because they are also professionals who surely like the work they do.

What if I outsource some work to

Better than the customer expects, they start getting positive feedback. They are recommended and their customer new database base is growing. And who wouldn’t want to recommend a service that positively exceeds expectations? may start his own company and hire others to do the assistant’s work. of the company is on his way to his own 4-hour work week – if he wants it. So even though we feel that paying $15 to a foreigner is “exploitation”, for him it could be a whole month’s salary. And he gets it by doing only 2 hours of work. Sum summarum The discussion about Blogger as a Professional™ in the Facebook community was extremely interesting and I respect everyone’s thoughts on this topic. What made the conversation interesting was that I also had to question my own thoughts and

One day this Indian virtual assistant

Then it means that my company is so solvent that I can pay other professionals for their work I am trusted so much that people who pursue SMS List blogging dreams want to come and learn my knowledge I have time to sit at the table with my child at 8:00 in the morning and talk about history I have time to take my child to neuropsychological rehabilitation so that he can get the right tools to deal with his permanent syndrome at school I have time to go to lunch with my friend, talk about cats and laugh at their latest antics I have time to go for a walk in the middle of the forest, stop to listen to the falling of a hand and smell the scents of the forest i have time to take a nap because my sick cat has been waking me up for 4 weeks at 11.30pm, 3.35am and 4.30am – every night I have time to write blog posts and weekly letters for wonderful people who come back to my blog and weekly letters again and again.​​​​ But there is always the possibility that I don’t want to reduce my work to only 4 hours a week because I really love this job.

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