Freelancers work in pajamas
freelance clothing
Come on, do you really think freelancers actually work in pajamas ? And that they don’t comb their hair in the morning? And maybe, when they’re working on an important project, maybe they don’t even take a shower for weeks?Well then I have a secret for you. Come closer. Get a little closer…Okay, come on, put it this way, it seems like freelancers are sort of home bums . But that’s not quite the case, or at least, not always.

Many trainers suggest that in order

As if by magic you will be super productive and focused .

I don’t want to say that it’s bullshit Why should I in general but in my case this just doesn’t work.

What to wear? And then what should I wear, jeans? To be uncomfortable all day? Put on my makeup? And keep your shoes in the house?

For me it is inconceivable.

So ok, I stay in my pajamas, or in Belarus WhatsApp Number List any case, in house clothes, loose and very comfortable.

And so do almost everyone, believe me.

So, pajamas yes or pajamas no ? Let’s take a survey! Let me know in the comments below the article which faction you belong to.

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 You can only focus on your work

focus on your work
Surely you have guessed that being a freelancer, for example a blogger, does not mean writing all day .

In fact, there are all the other aspects to take into account, from administration to marketing, from branding to SMS List the analysis of one’s own results.

And at the basis of all this there Why should I is an excellent personal organization .

Fortunately, there are several tools for bloggers that come to our rescue, in order to optimize all our work and always remain productive and focused.



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