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I have told you that slow loading can have a serious impact on two aspects, but there are many more: it can negatively affect network positioning: Search engine algorithms such as Google take into account the speed of the website to assign better or worse scores. Google will penalize you if your site loads longer. It affects the user experience on mobile devices: mobile devices are getting faster and faster, but have less resources and less power than computers that are connected through or directly to a wired network.

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 Elements that a website must load (such as images or ) will take longer to appear on a special data mobile device. It affects conversion rates: Amazon found that by reducing the load time of its website by just a second, its sales increased . Now imagine what a second extra load time would mean for your own business: It would affect recurring traffic: one in four users who visit pages from a computer won’t return to slower sites, and in the mobile version, that number rises above.

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What affects the speed of your website The fact that everything contained in your website, whatever it is, has some effect on the speed of loading is inevitable. However, there are factors that have a greater impact on it, some of which we cannot even control because they are external factors that we cannot optimize. The factors that most affect the loading speed are as follows: Host. Topic. Plug-in. The weight of the content(particularly the embedded images and videos). Call an external script(,,,). Before we begin to optimize the SMS List speed of our website, we must now understand why it is important to do so and how to understand the state of our website before making a decision.

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