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If you could Just don’t do that. You shouldn’t do this for years. That’s been gone for a long time. But I think the new way to do this is to get links directly to the content. If you create content that you know someone wants to share, wants to link to, embed, write about or blog about or include in their news or research or in some content, then you can get a link to them very, very directly There is something beautiful about you. Yes. That testimony, right? All of these things are available directly through the content. That is to buy new ones directly with US dollars. Submit to directory.

These are carefully curated lists

Yeah well, that wasn’t very wise for a while either, and Penguin Phone Number Database made it worse. There is an interesting interview you can find here with a former member of the spam group, which was headed by . This person is now in Australia, working on a new site, new project. He was interviewed by a person who asked some questions about this. He said, Yeah, you know, there’s this myth that directories are completely dead. If it’s a well-curated list where someone maintains the resource and it’s included.

Phone Number Database

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Contains some content that I still think is of great value.  lists, I’d agree. So consider a list of America’s fastest growing companies or a Better Business Bureau Special Data directory in your area or a list of Seattle Thai restaurants. and portals. That’s a great place. marketing. So it’s never a particularly good idea, but it works. Sadly, it worked perfectly for a while. Now it, like many other link building techniques, is actively harming people.

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