The first phase consists in planning the project and its strategy

A blogger is therefore much more than a web writer . In some cases it means becoming developers, managers, marketing experts, strategists, social media managers, youtubers, podcasters, instagrammers and so on and so forth.And how to do it?In Blog Academy, the online blogging school , I have developed a path to become a blogger that is developed in 7 main steps, the same steps that I advise you to follow and which allow you to understand everything a blogger actually does:

You must therefore learn how to choose

The niche to target, how to communicate with your audience, how to define the goals you want to achieve with your blog and create a first action plan
Once you’ve created your roadmap, it’s time to build all of your blog and blog pages . You don’t need to be tech-savvy to do this. Thanks to CMS Philippines Phone Number List like WordPress , creating a blog is really easy
Now that your website is up and running, you need to create the best strategy for developing your blog . This includes for example finding the best keywords to develop in the articles you will write
And then, of course, comes the time to write our articles. To write effective articles it is important to know both the copywriting rules, so as to create a bond with our readers, and the SEO rules, which allow you to position your articles well on search engines. You can find a lot of guidance in my article on SEO Copywritin.

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Did you think that once the content is written, your work ends

Sorry to disappoint you: the bulk of the work comes now! In fact, you will have to promote your articles on the web in the best possible way , attracting new traffic and conveying it through the paths you created in the first phase
If so far you have carefully prepared the ground and have sown well, now is the time to reap the fruits of your work and your first earnings will Sms List come . There are many ways to make money with a blog : obviously you don’t have to bet on all of them but choose the ones that best suit the type of business you have decided to undertake
Finally, you’ll need to learn to read reports and analyze everything you’ve done so far, in order to optimize your results and scale them constantly.
As you can see, the blogger’s job is not just writing but a mix of planning, study, practice, analysis and optimization.

And if you want to explore all these phases through a simple and linear path, take a look at Blog Academy .


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