Writing is a matter of discipline , remember

In Skitterphoto you can find and share public domain photographs that can also be edited.
The images may be used for commercial and personal purposes , but may also not be resold or redistributed.
18. Scatter Jar

Scatter Jar is one of the few hi-res stock photo sites dedicated exclusively to food and drink . Do you have a recipe site or a food blog? Then this is the site for you!
All photographs are available free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. However, redistribution of the images is not permitted.
19. StockSnap

StockSnap offers thousands of high-quality photos under the Creative Commons (CC0) license that allows you to download, copy, modify and distribute the photos, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
You don’t have to attribute images to use them though – of course! – is a very welcome gesture.
You can find the images by doing a search or choosing from categories , such as business, beach, love, wallpaper, people, family, summer and many others.
20. DreamsTime

DreamsTime is also an extremely large stock photo portal with over 115 million stock images , as well as vector, illustration, editorial, audio and video, and 27 million users worldwide.
It’s a great site both if you’re looking for free images for your blog , and if you want to sell your photographs.
21. MorgueFile

MorgueFile is a site created “by creatives for creatives

In 1996 with the aim of making it easier – and above all free – the exchange of images between creative professionals.
And this is the same mission they have Indonesia Phone Number List today too. In fact, on MorgueFile you can find over 400,000 free images, vectors and videos that you can use for your blog.
22. Kaboompics

In this way, new creative connections are created that you would not have been able to create with the conscious mind.

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And that’s why the shower has this amazing creative power

But now comes the fun part: it’s not just the shower that makes creativity explode. In fact, we talked about monotonous activities, which you can carry out without thinking.

So go ahead for a walk, a run on foot or Sms List by bike or any other activity that doesn’t require concentration but that you can carry out on autopilot.

4. Follow the editorial plan
Follow the editorial plan
Once you have created an editorial plan , stick to it .

Don’t move the contents to be produced because at that moment you don’t feel inspired enough or don’t switch the article you have to write today with the one you have to write next time.

You know that that day you have to produce that content. Get at your desk and do it . Stop.

Don’t look for something simpler or different. Write exactly what you need to write.



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