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Duplicate content So let’s help him choose and buy. We give him comprehensive information so that he has no qualms about putting the product in the virtual basket. but we must remember to avoid the most common mistakes. These mistakes are a complete lack of description. Listing the product itself is both from a user and search engine point of view. Bad This applies to product descriptions and categories. Dry technical specifications. Specifications and performance are very important. but they are not a substitute for product descriptions. Reliable and professional.  Language that ordinary users can understand is so-call duplicate content creat among other things.

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Within a domain is also harmful from a site positioning point of view when partially copying instructions from a manufacturer’s website or other source. If we sell multiple models of screws each with the same description. just changing the name number will Egypt Mobile Database be useless. What should a good product description contain. Unique content. Natural keyword saturation. Photos. Iconography. List of product features and their application benefits. Language Professional but relatively simple. Language friendly form and proper text formatting. The form summarizes the most important information.

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Product Articles Both users

Search engines will love unique and interesting product articles on our site. They can be in the form of blog posts or guides. This will allow us to project an image of an expert and inspire trust. Thanks to them we will suggest interesting solutions for users And indicate the use of the products we provide. This might encourage him to make a purchase but Sms List not only that. It’s also a great way to spark interest and give users a chance to happily come back to us for more advice or curiosity relat to the product category on offer. But that’s not all.Reaching the top of search results also result in a significant increase in views.


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