Here are the most common cases

You must know that there are many aspects to manage and you must do it correctly in order not to make mistakes.And you know that the IRS does not forgive.But let’s start from the first aspect: which ATECO code should we choose?Which ATECO code to choose
ATECO code
There is no ATECO code that is good for all bloggers .Also because, as I mentioned before, there are various ways to monetize and based on what you choose, you will have a specific identification code .So before deciding on the ATECO code it is necessary to understand what type of activity you carry out .

If you monetize through Adwords or affiliate marketing

Clearly these codes can easily coexist in the same VAT number.

So if you have a blog and monetize for Azerbaijan Phone Number List example through consultancy and affiliate marketing, you can use Here are the both 70.22.09 and 73.11.02. If you get the tax system wrong, you can lose a lot of money. Incidentally, the introduction of the flat-rate scheme has caused quite a bit of confusion among new entrepreneurs.

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Which tax regime to choose for your blog

blog tax regime
Choosing the best tax regime is a very delicate aspect for everyone, not just for those who carry out a business in the digital world.

I want to say that I have nothing against this tax regime. Indeed, I consider it really useful for a certain type of entrepreneur.

But the truth is that it is not suitable for everyone .

As you probably know, the flat-rate scheme SMS List can only be opted for if your business meets certain conditions .

However, it is not said that if your Here are the company respects them, then this regime is automatically suitable for you.

Believe me, there are several new entrepreneurs who have wasted thousands of euros because, ill-advised, they have chosen this regime.


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