In fact, there are numerous ways to promote our content at no cost , such as pages and groups on social networks, email marketing, forums, guest posts, interviews.All these methods, if exploited with strategy, will give you a strong increase in your traffic as a result . Seeing is believing!Use the best SEO tools
Use the best SEO tools
The last strategy I want to leave you to increase the traffic of your blog is very simple: you can’t compete in a Formula 1 race with a Pandino from the 80s .

Does that mean Pandino is ugly

That you shouldn’t use it? Isn’t that trendy? No, I just mean what I said: that you can’t use it to win a Formula 1 race.

To win a Formula 1 race you need a high Nepal Phone Number List performance racing car , which in our case translates into better SEO and marketing tools . But you’ll also need to be an excellent driver , otherwise crashing at the first corner is instantaneous.

Then learn how to use the marketing tools you need. For example, I use Semrush a lot , an SEO tool that helps me create and optimize my articles, analyze my competition and keep tabs on all my guest posts.

Final thoughts
Increasing blog traffic will help you position yourself authoritatively in your niche , increase subscribers to your mailing list , and boost your revenue.

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Try to immediately implement all the strategies

I told you about today and you will see SMS List that the results will not be long in coming. Have you ever wondered how long a blog post should be ? Probably yes.

Maybe you’ve read somewhere that it must be at least 300/600 words . You may have read that the ideal blog post length is 1,800-2,000 words.

Or maybe you’ve heard that short articles are better than long ones because people hate reading and love videos, or that long ones are more effective because they’re more comprehensive.

But then, what is the truth? Actually none of these.


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