There was a period of my life, quite a long time

And this goes not only for blog articles but from any type of text, from non-fiction to fiction Mark time and take breaks
take moments to relax
Being focused is extremely important to defeat the once and for construct that basically justifies a discipline problem”

But just as concentration is, so are breaks

Francesco Cirillo , the inventor of the Pomodoro Technique , claims that people have their peak of productivity every 25 minutes, after which the brain starts to get tired and distracted more easily.

And from this observation he came up with the tomato technique, whose name derives from the kitchen timers made in the shape of a tomato. But you don’t have to have one. All you need is any stopwatch (there are even special apps!) and charge it for 25 minutes .

During this time you will have to concentrate totally on what you are doing , eliminating all external distractions, from mobile phones to social networks. When the time runs out, you can take a 10-minute break and then start again with a new tomato.

This way your concentration will always remain high . Seeing is believing!

10. Create a routine
Have a regular routine
Are you a firm believer that creativity is a sudden flow that you can’t control?

Sorry to disappoint you. Creativity is actually a habit

The truth is, if you only write when you feel inspired , when you feel most creative, then you’ll never write anything. Every week I produce an Mexico Phone Number List avalanche of content. For my blog, for social media, for my Academy , for my community.

Do you think I always feel inspired? I assure you not.

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But when I know I have to create content, I get to my PC and start writing. It’s a matter of habit, of routine . It’s a matter of discipline.

But when is the best moment, the most creative one? Well, this doesn’t just depend from person to person but it can also change over the course of a lifetime.

I’ll give you an example.

The truth, that I suffered from insomnia .

I’m not sure why but I felt totally stoned from waking up until around 5 in the afternoon. And then… BOOM! My brain seemed to wake up all Sms List of a sudden . And then I started working, trying to ride the wave of creativity. And I often worked until 4 or 5 in the morning.

I really was producing an avalanche of content while still always putting quality first over quantity.

Now my habits have changed instead (am I getting old? . Now my creative peak is in the morning, shortly after waking up, and ends just around 5pm, when I turn off my pc until the next day (and often my brain too!).


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