4 SEO Benefits of Going Public A Unique

The publicity generated by entering the stock market is an often welcome benefit for any company. When we dive deeper into all the media coverage and increased brand awareness, we can also discover some great SEO benefits. Some SEO benefits of going public are obvious and instantly rewarding; others need a proactive 4 SEO Benefits approach to get the most out of the opportunity. For this article, I analyzed many SEO angles of 11 companies across different countries and industries that went public in 2021 via initial public offering (IPO) or direct listing. And I found it boils down to these.

Four main SEO benefits

Great links and brand mentions More sources to. Establish notability on Wikipedia More information and sources for. Knowledge Graph entities Increased company data demand in branded searches. We’ll start with the most obvious SEO benefit that also largely impacts the other ones. 1. Great links and brand mentions Going public is one of the rare occasions when even a relatively unknown company will get great media coverage. Basically, any media that reports about companies on the stock market is at play here. The direct SEO benefits of this coverage can be divided into three segments: backlinks to the customer-facing website, backlinks to investor relations pages, and brand mentions. Let’s dive into each of them.

Links to customer-facing

Website The first category is the backlinks to the homepage. Product pages, FAQ, and other standard pages that potential customers of the business visit. In SMS List other words, these are simply 4 SEO Benefits the backlinks. You’ll be happy to attract at any time. All the companies I analyzed scored great links from highly authoritative media. I thought that they would often have the nofollow link attribute, but a lot. Of them didn’t—allowing link equity to be passed to the target URL. And yes, even companies that aren’t well known globally can get great links. Coupang, the so-called Korean Amazon, got backlinks like these regarding. Its IPO in the U.S.: You can see that all of those links are pointing to Coupang’s homepage, and only the middle one has a nofollow attribute.

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