The best way to set goals is to aim for SMART goals

If you don’t have goals, your blog will be like a ship without a course : a weight adrift, destined to get lost – or worse, sink.You can write beautiful articles, create killer emails, do a fantastic SEO optimization. But without direction, you’ll really struggle to get results.The first step in defining the goals you want to achieve with your blog is to answer a difficult but fundamental question: why did you decide to open a blog?

The reasons for starting a blog can be many

Inspire others
Connect with people in your niche
Send a message
Create an online business
Position yourself as an expert
Grow your contact list
… and so on.
The problem is that many people confuse Croatia Phone Number List this list of reasons with the goals of a blog. But the truth is, this list — to which you can add all your personal motivations — doesn’t address the strategic goals behind a successful blog.

Let’s go back to the ship example. The ship is the blog, you are the captain, the goals are the course but this list above is just the fuel .

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Before proceeding further, do this little The best way exercise. It will make your life incredibly easier when it comes to setting goals, believe me.

Grab a pen and paper (or use one of the best mind mapping tools ) and answer this question:


Write down all the ideas that come to your mind , even the ones that seem silliest to you. Brainstorming is an activity that will give you insights and ideas that have not yet occurred to you.

Once you’ve done this exercise, then we can proceed and go and see how to turn these ideas into concrete and achievable goals.

How to set SMART goals
set SMART goals
Ok, now we are really ready to start defining the goals of the blog.

And not just intended as smart The best way goals (although they really are) but SMART is an acronym that stands for:

Specific – specific
Measurable – measurable
A chievable – achievable
R elevant – relevant
T ime-bound – limited in time .
The SMART framework is therefore a 5-step SMS List checklist that will help you achieve your goals in the simplest and most effective way possible.

A TIP. To create and track all of your goals, I’ve created a Blog Planner that you can find on Amazon.

It is an agenda for bloggers that helps you define your goals, plan and schedule your blog’s activities, plan content down to the last detail, analyze the results achieved and keep track of all the activities carried out.


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