The magical world of the blogosphere is exactly the same

Rebecca White, Jr. Staff Writer at HubSpotNot having a blogging strategy
blogging strategy Among the mistakes that are most often made on a blog is the lack of a strategy or – at best – the lack of an effective strategy.Let’s go back to our example of our blog as a house. Imagine if you entered the front door and found yourself in the bathroom, the kitchenette in the bedroom or the living room inside a closet. And what do many houses form? That’s right, a city. When you move around the city, you expect the streets to be clean, you want to move comfortably from place to place, and you want directions to be clear and take you exactly where they point.

People must be able to move freely from one page to another of your blog, find what they are looking for and move to other blogs when they wish, perhaps for further information.

This is what a blogging strategy is for

to organize both the user journey within our blog, in the blogosphere and to position ourselves in the best search engine results.

To develop my blogging strategies The magical world I need to see the concrete paths ahead of me. For

Draw the path of users : where they Morocco Phone Number List enter, where they leave, how they move within your blog, how they subscribe to your newsletter, how they buy your products.

And if you want to know what is the best strategy for your blog, you can ask me for advice within Blog Academy .

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Writing non-optimized articles from an SEO perspective


One thing I often repeat is that we The magical world must not write. Only for our readers but also for Google, which then decides whether SMS List to reward. Our articles by placing them on the first page or decide that there are many other articles better than ours and that ours do not deserve attention .

Your goal should never be to position yourself on the first pages, but in the first results of Google.


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